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Think about the impact losing your family pictures, jewelry, documents, money, employee documents, wills, medical records, guns and other valuables could have if you lost them to fire or theft. Protect them by securing them in a Safe!
Whatever you need to protect and secure we have a solution either in stock or readily available! 
We offer:  Burglary Safes, Data Safes, Depository Safes, Dorm Safes, File Cabinet Safes, Floor Safes, Wall Safes, Fire Safes, Money Chests, and Pistol and Handgun safes. We also do Safe Rentals.

Call us at 770-476-7135.   We will work with you to select a safe to meet your needs.

 Selecting a Safe 
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What do you need to protect?
    •  Expensive Jewelry, Data, Passports, Birth Certificates, Tax records, Cash, Credit Card Receipts, Guns, Handguns, Other Weapons, Employee Records, Contracts, other valuables?  
  • Do you need a safe that is permanently mounted?
  • How Big a safe do you need?
    • Think about What you need to protect as well as How much you need to protect
  • What about future Growth?
    • A safe is a significant purchase, you don’t want to have to buy another larger one a year or so later.

There are many different types of safes.  Each type has its own purpose.  Once you have determined what you need to protect, the next step would be to select the safe type.  

Call Today 770-476-7135 for recommendations on which safe will best meet your needs.

Safe Types
Burglary and Fire Safes 
  • Burglar AND Fire rated Safe provides excellent protection! 
  • Free standing safes are the most popular type of safe sold.
  • Free standing and can be bolted to the floor;
  • Steel thick enough to withstand prolonged attacks from both unskilled and skilled criminals.
  • Large and not portable if they weigh over 750 lbs.
Data Safes
  • Protection from theft, fire and computer data loss
  • Protects Microfiche film, tapes, diskettes, CDs, DVDs and computer media.
  • Protect against fire and weather —a requirement for a small business or home office.
  • Should keep the internal temperature below 125º and the humidity level below 85%.
Depository Safes
  • Great for retail businesses.
  • Allows employees to make deposits frequently to minimize losses and the likelihood of holdups.

Dorm or Lab Top Safes

  • Great for College Students
  • Cost is usually under $250
  • Small and fits under the Bed
  • Can be secured via cable and chain
  • Store Lap Tops, Cameras, Cash and other small valuables
File Cabinet Safes
  • Protect the critical personal and business documents
  • Look and act like regular file cabinets but are much heavier, secured and fire proof.
Floor Safes
  • Installed in the bottom floor of a building or house
  • Articles placed in the safe should be encased in water proof containers  
  • Floor safes are best installed in a new house or building before the foundation concrete is poured 
  • Retrofitting a Floor Safe into an existing building or house is usually cost prohibitive  
Gun Safes
  • Has an area of the safe configured specifically to house weapons 
  • May not have enough room for storing other valuables
Wall Safes
  • mount between the walls support beams (studs)
  • Conceal valuables from burglars but may not be rated for fire

Money Chests

  • Money is unsecured against fire so most money chests don't need to be insulated against fire.
Handgun safes
  • Protect  from accidents and deaths
  • Small enough to be located at beside
  • Have mechanical, electronic, or biometric locks for ease of access for those that know the secret.  
Jeweler’s Safes
  • Burglary/fire safes with specially designed drawers just for jewelry and watches.
  • Can be customized, come in a variety of colors and have a higher protection rating.
  • Steel reinforcement on all 6 sides
  • Are pricier than the Burglary/Fire safe combos.

Safe Construction

  • B Rated - Steel, doors < 1 inch, walls < 1/2 inch 
  • C Rated - Steel, doors => 1 inch, walls => 1/2 inch
  • E Rated - Steel, doors => 1 1/2 inches, walls => 1 inch
  • ER Rated - Tool Resisting Safe (TL 15)
  • F Rated -
    • Tool Resisting Safe (TL 30)
    • Torch Resisting Safe (TR 30)
    • Explosive Resistant Safe with Relocking Device (X 60)
  • G Rated
    • Torch and Explosive Resisting Safe (TX 60)
    • Torch Resisting Safe (TR 60)
    • Torch and Tool Resisting Safe (TRTL 30)

Fire Ratings

Paper Chars at 450 degrees, Data melts at 150 degrees

  • 350-1/2
    • temperature inside won’t exceed 350F during the first ½ hour
  • 350–1
    • temperature inside won't exceed 350 F during the first hour
  • 350-2
    • temperature inside won't exceed 350 F for 2 hours
  • 150-1
    • temperature inside won't exceed 150 F during the first hour
  • 150-2
    • temperature inside won't exceed 350 F for 2 hours

Burglary Ratings

  • B1 – Theft resistant (minimum security)
  • B2 – UL Residential Security Container
  • B3 - Non-rated anti-theft (incorporates features of high security safes without a UL rating)
  • B4 – UL TL-15
  • B5 – UL TL-30
  • B6 – UL TRTL
  • TL-15 Safe withstood attack using common handheld burglary tools for 15 mins
  • TL-30 Safe withstood attack using common handheld burglary tools for 30 mins
  • TRTL-30 Safe withstood attack by handheld burglary tools and Cutting Torches 30 mins
  • TRTL-60 -Safe withstood attack by handheld burglary tools and Cutting Torches

Water Damage

Currently there are no ratings to identify whether a safe is water proof or water resistant. Some Safe Manufacturing Companies have done their own testing. Ask us about Safes that can prevent Water Damage from floods, sprinkler systems, and hot water heaters that break.

Standard Testing Organizations

Safe Certification organizations may have different standards for testing and certifying Safes. If there is a UL tag on a Safe, it means the safe has been through standard testing by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent organization that verifies the representations of a manufacturer. Safes that are rated by the manufacturer or other organizations should be carefully researched before buying.

Call us at 770-476-7135 when selecting a Safe.  We will help you understand which safe, ratings, construction and certification will meet your requirements And your budget.

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